Six Reasons Why You Should Volunteer Abroad

With continued controversy over volunteering; whether it does more harm or good to communities and the idea that it is a selfish action, it’s easy to forget the that volunteering (when done right) can be highly beneficial. Often getting lost, when focussing on what communities are gaining from the experience, these points primarily relate to the personal and professional benefits to the volunteer.

As part of a mini series of posts about choosing a volunteering placement, Steph from the Worldly Adventurer travel blog has identified 6 reasons why you should volunteer.

“Travelling, whether it’s a three months or two years trip abroad, has become a popular approach to taking a holiday. And while spending your time moving between cities, carting your weighty backpack with you as you go, is a great way to encounter new countries and spectacular locations, volunteering in one place for a few months can equally satiate your appetite for adventure. Not only this, but it can completely change your perspective on your job, your life and leave you with the most incredible memories that no other form of travel can rival.”

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The rise of the ‘Voluntourism’ package

“Today, people around the world are looking for ways to make their travel and holidays more meaningful. Gone are the days where people want to return home with a suntan, local crafts and the need to up their exercise regime to burn off the results of an all-inclusive resort.

We want to return home knowing we have seen and experienced somewhere new to us, to it’s fullest extent; that we have infiltrated somewhere as more than a tourist and also left our mark on a little piece of the world.”

To read more, click here to go to the original article written by our Director, Lottie Reeves for Above and Beyond’s travel blog.