Voluntourism: Becoming A Citizen Of The World.

Having been involved in the volunteer industry for a while, the good, bad and downright ugly issues and discussions surrounding it, fascinate me. It is a controversial topic with people often focusing on either the positives or negatives of volunteering and voluntourism.

Before I get into the topic, I am going to address the two terms that are often interlinked and used interchangeably. By definition;
Volunteering is the act of giving up your time to support others less fortunate; something that is done at, or at least close to, home.
Voluntourism is the combination of volunteering and tourism; people acting as global citizens as part of a global community, giving their time to support others less fortunate. It involves travelling somewhere new to volunteer your time.

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Landy + Sunset = Perfect Road Trip

Who Doesn’t Love a Road Trip?

Driving through a hot and humid Durban, what started off as a meaningless conversation about what we wanted to do in our own lives led to a series of questions;

“What if someone wanted to spend their vacation doing good, not just lying on a beach?” “And if they wanted to see more of a country than being limited to one place while volunteering?” “How about if they were able to spend their free time doing awesome activities?” “Or getting involved in the communities?”

Global Handprints’ Volunteer Road Trips were born. I mean, who doesn’t love a road trip? And what better way to improve an old classic but to add volunteering in to the mix. Continue reading