Ways To Make Your Time in South Africa Absolutely Awesome!

Our current projects are based across South Africa, a large, beautiful and, in many places unspoiled country. It offers visitors world heritage sites, mountains, beaches, cities, adventure and wildlife in abundance while also sharing its unique traditions and customs. Visiting Africa can seem daunting to many people and it has been said that South Africa is a perfect destination for ‘first timers’ As much as the country is more similar to the western world than elsewhere in Africa, there are still huge cultural differences. It is these that make South Africa the magnificent place that it is.

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Wine = Cheese = happiness!

Wine Tasting in the Winelands

Our Volunteer Road Trips aim to incorporate volunteering at indepdent, community run projects, adventure activities, cultural experiences and location specific activities. All this while 4x4ing off the beaten track in rural South Africa.

In order to put our itineraries together, we explore the areas we want to take you to. We don’t include anything we haven’t tried, whether thats volunteering at a project or taking part in activity.

Our Director, Lottie Reeves recently tested out a Wine Tasting tour to add in to the upcoming Western Cape Volunteer Road Trips. Find out more about her experience, and what you can expect if you join us, here. Continue reading

Road Trip!

Trippin’ Tunes

There are so many ingredients that ‘make’ a road trip, the country you are in, the roads you’re traveling, the people you are with and the sites you see. Many of these will be set in stone when you set off, or will come and go as you make your journey. Some you will have full control of and others you won’t (every group road trip has that one person).

Over long and bumpy roads, music is a vital ingredient to any road trip. Looking back, once we are home and settled in to the everyday, music has the power to transport us. To take us back to a time, an experience and an emotion, whether that’s in the middle of the South African outback or the Brazilian rain forest. I asked a few Travel Bloggers to share their musical memories of a road trip they have taken.

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